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Why work with Beverley Russell?

Because you get me!

Not a stranger who does not know (or want to know) your business. You will receive personalised service - nothing is "off the shelf". I want to get to know what makes your business tick (other than your sweat and tears) and what your business goals are. This way, we get to tailor solutions that are the best for your biz now! 

I am passionate about delivering effective systems that underpin your success. Effective business systems will ensure you deliver consistent and high quality products and/or services to your target market...thus increasing your brand awareness, repeat business and 100% customer satisfaction. 

By implementing quality frameworks into your business you can reduce your risk exposure and enable you to concentrate on what is important for you in your business. 


So Again, Why engage a Virtual Assistant?

Professional, reliable and skilled business services delivered virtually.

Virtual Assistants are generally very skilled in their area of expertise.  Me personally? 

  • 9+ years experience in Human Resources
  • 15+ years documenting business systems and working with/within micro and small businesses
  • 17+ years experience with end to end recruitment
  • Too many years to mention in administration!

What makes utilising a VA most attractive is that you only ever pay for the hours worked.

Cloud based applications like Dropbox, Google Drive and Skype make working remotely very fluid.  Communication is a breeze!

You will get regular progress updates (as agreed prior to commencing work) via email, skype or a project management tool. This way you can be sure that you are only getting charged for tasks requested, on time and to a high quality standard.

You can choose to pay an hourly rate for one off jobs, or a package deal with which you will receive amazing value for money AND guaranteed dedicated hours.

Want to know more?....have a look below for more information on my services, prices and value!


Administration & WordPress Support

Bogged down in paperwork?

Don't have the documents you need to help streamline your business?

Desperately need to update your WordPress site and have no idea how?

Let me help you free your time to do what you do best!

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Human Resources delivered virtually

Human Resources

With over 17 years experience in recruitment,

9 years in generalist human resources,

you can be assured you are receiving high quality and professional HR services. 

Here is  a snapshot of what I can deliver for your business.  

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