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Let me help you get back  your precious time. Time for you to work on the things you do best, like, running your business! 

Having spent many years recruiting, I know how difficult it can be to find someone you can trust to assist you to build your business.  This is why it is important to be sure that I am the right VA for you.

I offer all potential clients one free 30 minute skype, phone or (if possible) face to face meeting to discuss how I can possibly help you and solve your administrative woes. If I don’t resonate with you, or you don’t feel comfortable with me then that is quite OK.  You really need to ensure that you have the right person to assist you with critical tasks that could be vital to your business’s future.

If you simply need HELP and are unsure of how a VA can assist you, I will be work with you to determine if I am the solution you are seeking. No BS!

So what can I actually offer you?


  • To work on the money generating activities crucial to your business success
  • To spend with your family
  • Networking
  • To move your business to the next level


  • If you don’t need me this week or this month, that is OK!!
  • If you need me for 20 hours this week and 2 hours next week, that is OK!!
  • If you only need a small one off job done – no problem!!


  • Commitment to getting the job done - on time and as expected.
  • Working with you to achieve your business goals 

NO Lock in contracts (unless of course you want it that way!)

NO PAYG, Superannuation or leave to manage

If you choose to engage my services on an hourly rate, you will be asked to supply a deposit to lock in the agreed hours, then invoiced at the end of a project or at the end of the month (depending on how long the agreed work will go for).

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specialist skill services




Administration Package Costs:

5 hours - $225 (that is just $45 per hour)

10 hours - $430 (that’s just $43 per hour)

15 hours - $600 (that’s just $40 per hour)

20 hours - $760 (that’s just $38 per hour)


Specialised Skill Package Costs:

5 hours - $275 (that is just $55 per hour)

10 hours - $530 (that’s just $53 per hour)

15 hours - $750 (that’s just $50 per hour)

20 hours - $960 (that’s just $48 per hour)

All packaged options are to be paid up front.  The hours are valid for 90 days.  Unused hours cannot be carried over beyond the 90 day period

Administration - any work that you would expect of a Executive or Personal Assistant to be able to do.

When you need an extra pair of hands to cover the workload while you work on something BIG or if you just need a can have piece of mind that you have all the support you need.

Services include (but are not limited to...):

  • Typing and word processing
    • Copy typing; formatting
    • Form and template design
    • Contracts, agreements, tenders
    • Workbooks and training manuals
    • Data entry
    • Document creation
    • Fillable PDF forms
    • Word to PDF / PDF to Word File Conversion
    • Mail merge
    • Electronic mail outs
  • Manuals, worksheets, business documents – creation, editing and formatting
  • Excel spreadsheeting
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Database – data entry, reports and updating
  • Online research
  • Travel arrangements, flight and accommodation bookings
  • Email Management

Specialised Skill - virtual assistant tasks that require a special skill outside of an administrators abilities. Examples of the type of work in this category:

  • WordPress….
    • Website support & administration
    • Design changes
    • Plugins installs and updates
  • Email marketing (MailChimp)
    • Import database
    • Design template incl newsletter header
    • Arrange opt-in form on website and facebook page
  • Social media posting
  • Facebook Business Page set up
    • Create a Facebook Business Page
    • Add a cover photo
    • Add a logo
    • Claim your unique Facebook URL
    • E-Newsletter sign up button (optional)
    • Contact Us button (optional)