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Virtual Human Resources

Thinking of expanding and employing staff?

Already have staff and want to understand how you can manage them and ensure they are productive, content employees?

Virtual HR - The next best thing to having a HR officer on staff  

It is my goal to provide you with guidance, information and the correct tools so you can implement high-quality people management programs and practices in your workplace.

From defining what policies and procedures you need to have in place, recognising the type of employees you wish to have representing your business and ensuring that they are performing to your business standards. These are not only imperative to the success of your business but essential in ensuring legislative compliance.

There is nothing worse than committing to working with someone you are unsure of.  

Therefore, no matter what level of service you require as a new client, you will receive 

1 x free 30 minute phone/skype consult 

to ensure you are comfortable working with me!

Once you are happy to proceed, for the small investment of


you will receive:

⇒2 hour  meeting to enable me to get to know you and your business (via Skype, Zoom or in person)

⇒A detailed documented report outlining recommendations for the way forward for your business now!

⇒Your personalised template (e.g. if undertaking policy development, you will receive a business branded template for all of your policies and procedures)

All of the below HR services can be provided as a negotiated project cost, an hourly rate or packaged hours. 




Negotiated cost for whole of project

Paid in installments:

1/3 start up, midway and completion

Detailed project plan with milestones agreed.  Regular updates through cloud-based project software

  $65 per hour

Once off small jobs

Ongoing HR support


5 hrs = $300 ($60/hr)

10 hrs = $580 ($58/hr)

20 hrs = $1,120 ($56/hr)

All packaged options are to be paid up front.  The hours are valid for 90 days.  Unused hours cannot be carried over beyond the 90 day period


How do I go about finding the right person?  Actually what does the 'right' person look like? How do I find them? What do I pay them? How do I pay them? What do I do with them on their first day?

These are all normal questions to ask. Gut instinct is NOT how you go about hiring a staff member!

Yes, gut instinct has its place however, it wont stand up in court when you are fighting a theft or bullying case.

So lets get it right!

This is a non-exhaustive list of what you would expect to set up prior to embarking on the recruitment process:

  • Person specification

  • Job description

  • Employee handbook

  • Essential policies and procedures

  • Employment contracts (engagement letters)

  • Employee forms

  • Payroll set up

  • Onboarding (induction) process

Policies and procedures set the framework for your business expectations and standards. 

By implementing quality frameworks into your business you can reduce your risk exposure, ensure consistency and continuity, whilst enabling you to concentrate on what is important for you in your business. 

This is especially true of sole owner businesses where the owner can be away for a period of time and someone else has to fill in for the duration. Documented systems and practices are imperative for continuing the owners standard of business. 

Relevance! this is the key. Not every business will need to introduce the same suite of policies.  They need to be relevant to your business now and reviewed periodically to ensure relevance. 

Oh and don't forget implementation! Unless they are know, understood and followed, there is no point in developing them!                                                                                                                                                                    


So you now have the staff you need OR

You want to empower others by passing on your valuable knowledge and skills.

There are so many levels of learning and so many theories of how we as adults do learn.  

If you are delivering online or face to face learning, it all begins with understanding your audience.

Who is it?  What do THEY want/need to know? What is the best way to deliver your message? 

As a certified trainer and many years experience in the various aspects of workplace training I can provide:

  • Advice

  • Guidance

  • Templates

  • Training needs analysis (TNA)

  • Training manuals

  • E-Training

  • Full training programs and

  • Everything in-between